• Klaudia Jakubiak

THE RETREAT | Costa Rica

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

A place for the mind, body & soul

Don’t you want to GETAWAY? I mean, completely getaway; no responsibilities, job or social media. That’s exactly how I feel and why I’ve started to restructure ‘how’ I travel.

As a frequent traveler, I am always eager to see as much as possible. With that, it means cramming sightseeing and attractions all in one trip. It’s truly gratifying to experience many facets of a city but sometimes you forget to 'be still’ to deeply enjoy everything around you. My trip to Costa Rica was a special one – I felt more aligned than ever throughout my stay at The Retreat.

The Retreat is a magical place, truly. I still dream about the farm-to-fork menu, especially the homemade granola for breakfast and the succulent shrimp pad thai for dinner. What I loved most is how simple each entrée was, yet it was full of so much flavor. Most importantly, the meals leave you feeling good, with zero guilt. Aside from food, the energy at The Retreat is pure; with a focus on YOU and your well-being.

I started each day by practicing yoga. The natural light shined into the yoga studio and Arie’s soothing voice had me in a state of flow. The beautiful practice was then followed by a delicious breakfast created by one of the in-house chefs. Breakfast was my absolute favorite because I started my day with a healthy and wholesome meal (and delicious smoothie). What I loved best about the menu is that it was revolving, so I was always to excited try something new.

The spa at The Retreat was such a lovely experience. There is a list of services and I chose the deep tissue massage, which I highly recommend! (Next time, I’m going to try cupping). My massage was followed by a quick session in the sauna to detox any toxins. The rest of my day was spent laying poolside, enjoying non-GMO food and having genuine conversations with the staff. Simple but absolutely everything I needed.

I found the kitchen to be a place of connection. Everyone was welcome to the kitchen, at any time of the day. We had a wonderful opportunity to take a cooking class with Wilfredo (amazing chef). Everything we prepared was organic and locally sourced from their farm (or other farmers). Contrary to popular belief, the food was prepared quickly and I was surprised by how fast we could make healthy meals. The raw cashew/avocado spread was mouthwatering – seriously, just look at the expression on my face.

Another magical moment was watching the sunset over the Costa Rican horizon. Followed by a dip into the jacuzzi, it was the perfect end to our day. As I looked up at the star-filled sky, I felt so grateful to have such a beautiful experience. The alignment at The Retreat isn't something I can really write about, because it's something I felt. And I hope you can feel this too. If you’re interested in learning more about The Retreat, please feel free to reach out or email info@theretreatcostarica.com