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Michigan Summer Getaway

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

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We all know summertime in Michigan is best :::::queue Kid Rock, "All Summer Long"::::: and for those of us from Michigan, we also know it's a sweet but SHORT time for summer activities. Which is why you should take this time to explore more of our own backyard. I decided to go on a road trip to do just that - see more of Michigan!

Traverse City and it's surrounding areas were screaming my name so I started to search for cute Airbnb's in the area and low and behold, I found a quaint lavender farm in Leelanau Lake area. Terrazza di Lavanda is a charming little BNB hosted by Roger and Elaine. It's about 30 minutes from Traverse City, which I really liked because it was secluded and less touristy. Roger and Elaine made our stay really welcoming - we also were able to cut our own lavender (smells heavenly). Not to mention, the sunsets were spectacular.

michigan sunset, upnorth, michigan
catching a beautiful sunset at 9:23pm

With no set itinerary we decided to bop around whatever we stumbled upon. And quite honestly, all the restaurants we came across were so delicious. On our way to Pyramid Point, we stopped by 'Little Traverse Inn' which is a pub with beautiful outdoor seating. The menu was delicious - I highly recommend the fresh perch! And I'll have to go back for the chicken tikka masala.

If you're near Traverse City/Leelanau Lake, you cannot miss Pyramid Point. I repeat, you cannot miss Pyramid Point. This magical overlook makes you feel like you're on some exotic beach. The gradient water is a beautiful sight to see; from light turquoise to deep blue, the water is calming and majestic. The hike to this point is only about .5 mile but it's still an incline so be prepared for that. However, I do not recommend going all the way down because the people who were climbing UPHILL, looked absolutely miserable LOL - plus, they say it can take almost 2 hours to come back up (but realistically, more like 20-30min).

Can't believe this is Michigan!

We also bopped around Sutton's Bay Area; specifically their downtown area. It's very quaint and small but there are some super cute shops and I recommend grabbing a coffee at Mundos Cafe. It has a very minimalistic aesthetic with a small but mighty breakfast menu (the lattes are pricey though). You also need to grab ice cream at Scoops 22; totally recommend the lemon poppyseed + blueberry ice cream.

We all know that Michigan has A LOT of wineries, however, I didn't realize just how many they have. I feel like many of these didn't even show up on Google when we searched wineries so my recommendation? TAKE THE ADVICE OF LOCALS! They know best. In fact, we had a lovely conversation with the owner of Morraine (awesome jewelry shop, btw) and she recommended a lot of wineries and one that had opened up the same weekend we were visiting, which is FarmClub - it's SO SO CUTE, just take a look:

This brand new farm is a collection of community, fresh produce, marketplace and delicious bites. Since I don't drink, I had their kombucha which was refreshing. I was totally digging this ambiance, and to be quite honest, it reminded me of Iceland (weird, I know, but it has that vibe).

We ventured off to other wineries as well, such as Rove Estate and Brengman Brothers. Again, I'm not a wine snob, just a ambiance snob so I can't tell you which one has better wine LOL - but I loved the views at Rove Estate.

And of course, if you're in Traverse City, you HAVE to pick some fresh cherries! There are so many farms but we decided to pick cherries at Gallagher's Farm Market because they also have baked goods (and fresh produce).

Now, let's talk about FOOD. There are so many 'middle-of-nowhere' farms and restaurants with wholesome menus. For instance, we drove past this one farm about 3 times, and each time there was a long line out the door. We realized that it's actually a farm with a deli/baked goods and it's called 9 Bean Rows. So on our last day, we popped in for breakfast and it was SO FREAKING GOOD. Like, mouthwatering good (I might be drooling a little just thinking of it). I highly highly recommend their breakfast sandwich - I ended up substituting ham/bacon for their chicken salad and I must say my creation was phenomenal. Oh, and their blueberry/cream cheese streusel was marvelous, too.

We also decided to grab dinner in downtown Traverse City and we made reservations to Amical, which I am SO glad we did. This cute/cozy restaurant is European-inspired and you really can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Just make sure you make reservations in advance! I probably over-indulged, however, I justified it by not being able to eat out at restaurants as much. Also, don't skip the seafood risotto, it was literally perfection.

Well, there you have it! My recommended list of a weekend adventure in Leelanau Lake + Traverse City. But wait - one thing you CANNOT forget to do is try Moomer's Ice Cream. Literally it has a 4.8 star with over 2,000 reviews. I've been going there since high school and it does NOT disappoint. We picked some up on our way back home since it's on the way :)

I'd love to see your Michigan adventures so feel free to tag me in your experiences so I can share them! And if you enjoyed this itinerary, I'd appreciate if you could share it with others <3

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out :)

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