• Klaudia Jakubiak


I've been traveling throughout SEA and honestly, it got pretty exhausting going from one city to the next without any sense of a 'base'. So, I decided I want to stay in one city for more than a week and the first place I thought of was Bali. Bali has been on my mind for years, primarily because of it's spiritual roots. I wanted to truly immerse myself in this city and feel it on every level through food, connection and culture. While traveling throughout Bali, I decided to stay in hostels for two reasons: meeting people + costs. However, I had an amazing opportunity to work with Maya Ubud Resort & Spa and experience all the beauty and amenities of this stunning resort. This grandiose resort is absolutely breathtaking, and includes deluxe villas and hotel rooms. I had the pleasure of staying in a private deluxe villa which also included a pool (can I move in?).

One of the highlights of my stay was the MAGICAL flower bath. I've seen this all over Instagram and always wondered, HOW and WHERE can I experience a flower bath?! Luckily, this was one of the services offered at Maya Ubud's spa. For roughly $16 USD, you too can experience a serene, relaxing and fragrant flower bath. With the birds chirping and river flowing, you will never want to leave the comfort of this bath.

Below you will find more photos of this magnificent resort, including TWO infinity pools, a fitness center (incredible yoga practice) and much more. I was amazed by the breakfast, lunch and dinner selections. All the food is fresh and delicious and much of it cooked right in front of you! If you are truly looking for a way to disconnect and experience tranquility in the midst of Mother Nature, then look no further than Maya Ubud Spa & Resort.