• Klaudia Jakubiak

Lifestyle Hotels: The Passage

Nestled in a quaint area of Basel, Switzerland, I was so happy to find a hotel that aligned with my 'travel style': The Passage Hotel. I believe it's so important continue aspects of your daily routine while traveling, otherwise, you can start to miss structure and you will feel like you're falling behind.

For me, working out is a major component of my life, because it keeps my mind focused and alert. I've noticed that while I'm traveling, I tend to try all the pastries and local food instead. So I've made it a point to only stay at hotels with a fitness center. Luckily, The Passage Hotel has a state of the art gym. Seriously, this gym was equipped with everything I could ask for: treadmill, free weights, punching bags, ellipticals, and even a SAUNA. This was more of a high-end fitness center than I'm used to. The blend of my normal routine and travel routine was a perfect balance at The Passage. I could indulge in a few local restaurants without the guilt (because I actually looked forward to working out at the beautiful gym). 

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! I absolutely loved the location of The Passage Hotel because I could walk 10 minutes to the city center. Or, I could walk 7 minutes to the train station. Everything was extremely convenient which made for a pleasant stay. However, you can use Uber if you're looking to get around the city and you don't want to explore by foot. 

And I don't want to forget about breakfast, because it's included! The nice array of breakfast foods is available to you in the AM. With the option of pastries, cereal, fruit and savory items like sausage and eggs, you will leave with a full belly! The hotel grounds themselves are very clean, light and perfect for working spaces. I was very appreciative of the staff as they did a wonderful job explaining the must-see/do in Basel - everyone was very kind and helpful!

With so many amenities, you will surely feel like you're 'at home' while staying at The Passage Hotel. If you're in the Basel area, I totally recommend staying at this wonderful lifestyle hotel.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!