• Klaudia Jakubiak


Updated: Jul 27, 2018

A city that exceeded my expectations

Charleston, you are so darling. The mix of quaint corners and pantone colored homes had me googley-eyed over this city. My Charleston food tour was nothing short of amazing, the extra lbs were totally worth it. It's certainly a 'foodie city' so take a look at my journey:

The Bar at Spectator Hotel: What a lovely place to grab a perfectly crafted cocktail by Alan (aka cocktail magician). The drink menu is curated to arouse everyone's tastebuds. I was particularly fond of 'The Dude Imbibes' because it included a 'coffee ice cube', which melted into a better version of a White Russian. I couldn't help but wander throughout Spectator Hotel because it was so chic and stunning. It's undeniably the hotel you want to stay while visiting Charleston.

Park Café: Where do I even begin with this menu? I started my brunch with the most delicious latte I've ever tasted - an Earl Grey Vanilla with toasted marshmallow. I never wanted the reach the end. I ordered pretty much the entire menu, and I ate just about every last bite (despite being full beyond belief). There was something very special about their menu: the ingredients were simple but full of flavor, texture and love. There was simply nothing 'basic' about this menu. Instead of avo toast, I had an incredible mashed pea and ricotta toast. OOO and the gougere egg sandwich was divine, I won't even say eggcellent because that'd be too basic. This is hands down a must for brunch in Charleston.

CANE Rum: Funny, I wasn't a fan of rum until I had a proper understanding and tasting of rum. In fact, I realized I'd been drinking rum the wrong way my entire life. After taste testing all the various rums and cocktails available at CANE, I had an entirely different appreciation for the alcoholic beverage. Let me be the first to say that every cocktail on their menu is perfectly curated to give you a different experience. The mix of ingredients are well thought out and let me tell you, the drinks are not weak, they're properly made. The food is paired wonderfully with the rum drinks. I highly recommend 'Taste of Cane to Share' because you have the ability to sample everything on their delicious menu. My favorite were the salted codfish fritters because I couldn't get enough of the sauces that accompanied the dish. Above all, the most special aspect of CANE is the deep-rooted passion for rum from owner, Chef Paul Yellin. His worldly experiences have shaped the entire menu and I felt like I had a deeper understanding of how rum is sourced, consumed and enjoyed. The authenticity at CANE was unparalleled and I cannot wait to come back. Believe me, it's not your average pink umbrella, sugary, tiki-drink.

5Church: Take me to CHURCH. No but really, take me back to 5Church. This was hands down the most eclectic and unique ambiance I've ever experienced at a restaurant. This was indeed once a church, which makes it special and unlike any other restaurant I experienced in Charleston. The ceiling was painted with excerpts from 'The Art of War', which gave it a nice touch. The dinner itself was aligned with my love for the decor - I finished every bit of my farro risotto and then ended with their dessert of the day (goat cheese ice cream aka heaven in my mouth). You don't want to miss this restaurant on your food tour!

Royal American: This lax spot is a perfect hangout for a beer and great jams. I was so excited when I saw that they serve my favorite beer, Radler. But even more excited, when I saw a puppy! Yes, you can bring your pup to the bar with you. The menu at Royal American serves up some delicious options, including my favorite: crispy brussel sprouts! Do NOT skip on the chicken cutlet sandwich, it pairs perfectly with ANY beer. This bar is perfect for a laidback hang out with good music, vibes and food!