• Klaudia Jakubiak

Hiking in Style & Strength

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

#PowerOfShe #Athleta

This post is sponsored by Athleta; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Last weekend I went on my very first real hike in Yosemite National Park. I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous because I kept thinking about ‘how hard it would be’ and if I was in good enough shape to go on a long-haul hike.

Since it was the first time I’d be hiking, there were so many questions I had. How much water do I need? What snacks are best? OMG – I don’t have hiking boots…and most importantly, WHAT DO I WEAR?! This one was major because a.) I had to be very comfortable B.) I had to be mindful of the change in weather C.) I still wanted to look cute and didn’t want to sacrifice style just because it’s ‘hiking’.

Luckily, in partnership with Athleta, I had the perfect wardrobe for practicality and sustainability (with a cute factor). Their new clothing line is perfect for all adventures; whether it’s hanging out beachside, or in my case, hiking through extraneous trails.

Couple things to keep in mind when packing an outfit for hiking:

1.) Make sure you layer! With elevation, the weather can significantly drop so make sure you have layers that you can add or remove.

2.) Bring a light raincoat – you never know when it might start raining, better be safe than sorry!

3.) Avoid cotton – it retains water so you will feel sweaty, stick to polyester and nylon.

4.) Comfortable pants – depending on the level of the hike, some may have steep stairs to climb so you want to make sure your pants are comfortable and you’re free to move around.

5.) Hat – wearing a hat will protect your face from the sun even on cloudy days.

6.) Wool socks – these were a lifesaver for me and I really think they helped me avoid blisters.

On my first day, I wore these awesome Trekkie Jogger Pants, they’re made especially for hiking trails so you have the perfect stretch, yet they’re durable. I opted to wear these because I didn’t want my legs to get scratched from branches etc. Additionally, I wore the Athleta long sleeve tee, and wore the hoodie on top of it.

The following day, it was warmer, so I opted to wear the Excursion shorts, these were SO comfortable (and super stylish). Not only did I wear them for hiking, I wore them in Miami during a yoga session on the beach. These are by far my favorite piece of clothing for the summer.

Trekkie Jogger Pants Look: https://cur.lt/2KfP40E

Apres Dress Look: https://cur.lt/2KeS1yE

Excursion Shorts and Tee Look: https://cur.lt/2MKkEWH

On my very first day, I ended up hiking a strenuous trail. It involved hiking next to a waterfall which meant you get completely soaked. About half way up, I was about to give up. I felt as though the steps were too steep, the elevation was too high and there were way too many steps to go. However, I had to really shift my mind to believe that I could keep going. There was a lot of internal cheering in my mind to get me to the top - but once I did, it was magical.

Here's a photo of me about half way up the hike. I stopped multiple times to catch my breath but in the end, it was totally worth it.

Although to anyone else, it may have been just a hike, for me, it was more. It was a matter of realizing that the power is in me. I am my biggest supporter and in the most trying times, I have to believe in me. The strength truly comes from believing in yourself and always moving forward, even if they're small steps. I was thrilled to have partnered with Athleta because it's easy to get behind a brand whose values and mission closely align with your own. I'm definitely looking forward to more adventures! #PowerOfShe