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Finding Your Passion

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Finding your purpose and passion in life isn't always the easiest. Sometimes, you think you have it all figured out and know exactly what direction you're going...which is amazing. But then, all of a sudden it changes and that 'thing' no longer makes you happy or fulfilled. Which is....ABSOLUTELY NORMAL. Why? Because we are HUMANS and we evolve. IMO, we were put on this Earth to create. Which means exploring and trying new things to have a contrast in life between what we like, what we don't like and what our TRUTH is. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know which direction to go. Or to truly understand what it is that makes you happy. Which is why I posed the question on Instagram "Do you know what your passion is, if so, how did you find it and what did the process look like?". I was so so ecstatic to read what each of you wrote. It was fascinating to see exactly what that process looked like for you and actionable steps you took to help with finding your True North. And guess what? Everyone is different. Everyone's journey is different. But perhaps by reading some of this feedback from others, it will help you take the step to pursuing your passions...whatever they may be. I will be sharing a new post weekly, so be sure to continue reading this post because each answer will vary and they're all SO insightful. The point of this is to show you that you are NOT alone and others have been down a similar path. If one person can find a bit more guidance or inspiration from this post, then I really can't ask for much more. I want to thank EACH one of you that contributed to this project. I know you are all so busy so your time and dedication is so appreciated.


Written by Andrea Puga @Detroit.coffeeshops


Written by Michael Barry

I believe we have to be clear on who we are, in order to know what our intention with life is, so we can then know what we truly want. Knowing who we are, with all the conditioning we go through in our life, requires a great deal of deconstruction. I'm fortunate to have created time & space in my life to deconstruct and rebuild myself with new definitions... and not only to create the situation, but to put myself in the washing machine knowing that I was going to get beat-up, before I got clean.

My path is clear because I've worked to "be the best" and came to realize I was working to appease other people. I've worked to make the money to provide my family with insulation from the world, and realized it took me away from my family & also my family away form the world. I surrounded myself with all the things I saw other people getting, because I thought that's where happiness was, and still I felt a constant need for more and something different.

I was fortunate to make some choices that resulted in me "losing it all" and allowed me to get a new perspective on what my wants and needs really are. I had spent all of my time and energy on getting things like the houses & cars, the toys, and the status, and eventually I found myself getting kicked out of my house and checking in to a hotel with $745 to my name. That allowed for an amazing opportunity to redefine my wants & needs, and also see the true extent & power of my actions.

It's allowed me to see that when we buy or do anything, we are doing so for the emotion that thing gives us. Since we are always doing for an emotion, we can cut out the middle man, and give that feeling to our self directly.

It allowed me to see that all of our actions require the world around us to contribute it's energy. There is always an exchange, and it first starts with you giving your energy. What you give goes into the world, compounds, and comes back to you. When I give shit to many, I'll get tons of shit back. When I give happiness & freedom to many, I get tons of freedom & happiness back.

I took the insulation out from between me and my world and realized there never was any real separation to begin with, so the more shit I put in between me and everything else, the more pain I manifested somewhere into my life. I reconnected with the world around me and stopped lying to myself.

Living in honest IS A MUST! When you lie to your world, you are lying to yourself. You create the boogeyman you run from by being dishonest with your self and your world. When we finally stop running and the boogeyman catches us, we find our power to create.

Living with love in your actions will allow you to create happiness and freedom in any setting. You can go from the 3,417 sq brand-new house, to living with your best friend and sleeping on his sectional, and be happier. Controlling your emotions is not only amazing practice in self control, but we reconnect with our ability of choice. Things happen and we decide the meaning we attach to it.

It's our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that control our actions. It's our actions that create the situation we are in right now. When we move and / or talk with fear - stress - worry - anxiety - lack - anger - frustration - hate - resentment or any other negative emotion, we bring that into our life. When we walk in grace and speak in love & peace, we harness the current of life and bring beauty and balance into the moment.

There is a reason that the law of attraction makes sense, there is a reason those same principles are taught in high level sales, there is a reason those principles are in religion and spirituality, there is a reason we see the same principles in physics and chemistry. We are the creators of our life, energy in motion; When we act like it, when we embody that idea, we can live in it always.

My passion and my best life, is knowing that I am a creator and am connected to all. That's what I now use my energy to help people remember and reconnect with. I've stepped out of the fire to realize I was never on fire, I was glowing. Now I help others break free from their conditioning & limiting beliefs, to then redefine themselves, their lives, and our world.

I'm of the belief that happiness and freedom, won't truly be had until they are had by all. I live a life of love, energy, and resourcefulness.


Written by @saad.eats

How you determined what your path and passion is

Some bullet points and then an example to illustrate

·Being curious

·Willing to try things

·Recognizing that changes and growth can help refine what the path is 

The example to illustrate:

As I finished college I was really interested in a particular area of tech --> applied to grad school to pursue it. As I finished grad school, I realized I didn't know what I wanted to do with my degree, so I searched for jobs based on another interest: living abroad --> this took me to Sweden.

·Through my Sweden job and some related pursuits I figured out the specific industry I wanted to work in --> knowing this let me prepare and knock it out of the park when a company recruited me to interview with them after I was back in the US

· I wanted to grow my skills, have a breadth of experiences, and was always curious what working at a startup was like --> I moved to Chicago (bigger city, real urban living vs. Cleveland) for a job at a startup (gain leadership experience in more dynamic setting vs. the big company)

· I'm going to fast forward a bit here... After Chicago I ended up in Detroit doing a job I enjoy and building a nonprofit for a cause that is really important to me. My ability to effect positive change here in both settings is because of the experiences I gained exposure to in my journey. I was willing to try...

  • being on the board of an established nonprofit a few years ago

  • being a volunteer in an organization with a similar mission to the org I founded

  • working at a startup where I sharpened my own skills in an entrepreneurial setting and got to observe a CEO with exceptional relationship building and inspirational skills

To summarize: Compared to the first version, the latest version of my passion has elements that include working in a certain industry and building my career in a certain direction and understanding how I want to spend my time (the people I spend it with, the causes I'm working on, the skills I want to use and cultivate).

·Passion and path v1.0: I'm want to explore a particular technology

·Passion and path currently: I want to work in technology businesses and make time to give back to the community in a way that involves building teams, which relies on my skills as a leader and allows me to cultivate new skills and grow as a person

Actionable steps

1. Try something new

2. Listen to your body

Try something new means: whatever you're curious about, find a way to try it. Think creatively as far as how you might sample it vs. fully diving into it. (I've done both depending on the situation - everyone has their own appetite for risk / aversion to risk). Then go do it.

Listen to your body: important to not forget this step. You start down the new path - you have to decide whether it's right for you. Also, the new thing could be good at the start and then the situation changes for the worse... you have to learn to recognize when it's time to change lanes (or find a new path). This is not the easiest thing to do consistently - requires self-awareness and humility (humility to say, Hm maybe I chose something that doesn't work or Hm this is no longer for me) to gracefully change path. Something that I'm striving to improve upon.


Written by Andrea Kaji

To be honest, I don't think I've ever written about this topic. What determines my path and passion is based on my level of happiness. It took me a long time to understand that life wasn't a race.

 I worked really hard to fight against social norms and doing exactly what I knew would make me happy. Traditionally, I was required to get married and raise a family. I knew at a very young age that my calling was not that. At a young age I was determined to set three major goals to complete in my 20's. All of my goals were realistic.  Within the eight years I spent in Chicago working as a server, I managed to save money and travel to 30 countries. This was one of my biggest goals and it was the best thing I’ve ever invested in. I don’t travel to find an identity. Traveling gave me an identity. It taught me balance, survival skills and how similar we really are around the world. 

Traveling gave me a focus and allowed me to set a path for my career. I suppose it made the world seem smaller than what I thought it was. 


Written by Mel Greenshields

First of all let me start off by saying that it took me 10 years to get that one year of my life to change everything. I was in a long term relationship that ended abruptly and I’ve spent over the past year regaining my sense of life and what I love to do. If we are being honest a lot of people would be completely shocked that I truly enjoy my Monday through Friday 9am-5pm job. Yes it’s not always glamorous and many people would never confine themselves to a corporate slave driver but I love it. I completely shut down from work after I leave and you rarely hear me “vent” or talk about it. It is the best feeling in the world. Also the level of comfort I feel from 4 weeks paid vacation, 3+ weeks paid holidays, 401k and health insurance. I am a planner and saver. I have a plan that doesn’t involve me working forever. When I am not grinding in corporate America, because let me tell you I might shut down after work but I kill it and it doesn’t go un noticed. I spend my time after work chasing gym classes with my girlfriends. I look forward to this so much, it is my “me time”. Any stress I am feeling I sweat it out. I have never been more in love with my life and who I’ve become. My path involves me taking care of myself, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. I might not be saving the world, or providing a life changing service for others but you will never not catch me with a smile on my face and that to me, is what life is all about. Finding and doing what makes you happy and fulfilled.


Written by Jazmine Hodgson

1. Forgiveness

Forgiveness gives you freedom. I had to forgive myself and let go of guilts and disappointments. Accept that I am where I am for a reason and I don’t have to stay in this place if it doesn’t make me happy. When you forgive yourself you are healing, that’s a process and it takes time. You have to really unpack your shit and only take with you what’s necessary for moving forward.

2. Researching / Reading

I do a lot of research and reading. Everytime I have a new idea, I google it!! It’s helps you build perspectives and you need that when pursuing your passion. You need to have references and guides and see realistically what else is out there in the world.

3. Moved to a new city

I always wanted to move to Atlanta. I thought I was going  to go college here but I ended up in Tallahassee. No biggie. Graduated moved home but I wasn’t happy. Something else was calling me. I feel every time I moved I told myself “this is a fresh start” and I believed it, no matter what happened. I quit my job, packed up my car and moved. And it has been so refreshing. Scary at times but it really helped introduce me a way of life I didn’t plan for.

4. Confide in someone who gets it!

Sometimes we’re so excited to share our ideas and thoughts and plans but I’ve learn to really guard it and only let those who get have access to it. I believe it’s all comes down to energy. Sometimes people have negative energy they are not aware of and when we don’t guard it can cause us to doubt ourselves and our dreams. And we get too caught up and what people think. Keep only positive people around, be in only positive spaces (including leaving toxic environments like work!!) Exchange positivity even when you don’t understand and be supportive towards others. 

5. Develop fearlessness / Confidence / flexibility

Fearlessness for me is literally walking in the dark like you know where you are going. That’s how I look at it. Even if you don’t know the outcome. I use to be really controlling but I had to let that go and understand that having so much control really is another sign of fear and insecurity. Which brings me to confidence, building confidence. You have to get use to only caring about what you think!! Your thoughts of yourself are literally the only think that matters. Understand that we all have influence and there’s always someone watching but that shouldn’t stop you ever. If you want to get a coffee with mocha, whip cream and caramel drizzle, DO IT. Doesn’t matter if everyone else if drinking a latte lol

6. Focus on things that make me happy/joyful

Being in Atlanta where I don’t know too many people I literally focus on doing things that I actually enjoy and my quality of life has improved greatly. There’s restaurants and stores and just things that I truly enjoy. I do them. If I just want to chill all day, I do. If I want to go to the movies every other day I do. Whatever I want to do (simple things) I do it. I focus on what I like and everything else falls into place. Opportunities, friendships, even love!

7. Writing down all my ideas and thoughts

I write down everything everything. Literally have a list of careers and positions and titles I want to have one day. And I google it all. It’s created this image of me that I love. A strong black savvy, modern, ultra feminine, super smart, fly ass women, boss babe, girl Ceo, social butterfly that everyone respects because I’m Unapologetic.

8. Find people doing what I want to do.

Because I’m a server I come in contact with a lot of People. I ask them all the time. What do you do? And I listen to their stories and if it perks my interest, I google lol. I ask for a business card and keep it moving but it gives me an idea of what’s out there especially when I talk to entrepreneurs and people like you who are actively working towards building the life they truly want and love.

9. Finding Work/Life Balance

This is so important!! I no longer work more than I live. As I transition into doing what I love for a living. I make sure my work schedule takes care of my basic needs and I live the rest of my life the way I want it to truly be. Wake up, go for a walk, have an amazing fulfilling breakfast, meet up with friends, discussing ideas and life, travel a bit, have great lunches, snap my photos. Get rest, spend time with my boyfriend, etc. my actual work doesn’t stop me from doing what I love to do. And now I’m about to leave my job because it’s just not working for me. I’m a little anxious about what’s next but I actually am more excited about what it can be.

10. Embracing who I am and sharing my story

This is me. I share my life. Everyday embracing more of who I am and not feeling a shamed of it (not shaming others) I just live my life. Worry about  me. Love me more and surrounded myself with people who love me too. And even when they don’t get it. It doesn’t bother me. I am who I was made to be and i truly take power in that. I love that no one else is like me. I’m a bit queer, quite quirky, I spend way too much on food and I have a very unconventional life lol I am pursuing me... not just my passion or calling but me. I believe we are made to pursue love and it definitely starts from within ♥️


Written by @Vikkipedia

Even though I don’t think I’m ‘there yet’ in terms of achieving the goals of my passion/calling in life, I do feel like I’m on track!

Before anything, the first step is of course, to identify what ‘it’ is.

I work as an Advertising Art Director for my day job. Although every time I tell someone I work in advertising, their first reaction is, ‘Oh my god! That is so awesome…’ I’m constantly selling my brain/ideas to realise the clients’ vision, not my own. So, I decided I need an alternative creative outlet.

The first ‘real’ actionable step I took is to be vulnerable.I used to be super self-conscious and highly critical of my work. I had the idea of Vikkipedia for about 5 years. Each year, the web hosting company would ask me to renew the URL and that reminded me how I did absolutely nothing on my passion project. I just didn’t have the guts to go for it and set up a website. But the desire grew stronger and stronger as I see other bloggers/content creators chasing their dreams and putting themselves out there.

I started telling people about my idea. This was super important because I told so many people after so many years of procrastination that I couldn’t back out anymore. Every so often, my friends would ask, ‘How’s your blog coming along?’ I needed that kick in the butt to start making my blog!

After setting everything up, I still sat on it for 2 months. I had everything on my website ready to go, but I was doubting myself thinking, ‘Argh is this gonna be interesting enough?’ ‘I’m not even that stylish… How can I be a voice in the fashion world?’ ‘Would people find my jokes/style of writing lame?’

I showed a lot of friends/family and they all added their 2 cents… ‘Hey I think you can change this bit…’ ‘Nah this topic is not relevant to this target audience…’ ‘Try to make this blog post shorter ‘cos no one wants to read this many words…’

In the end, I decided to stop asking people what they thinkand hit ‘go live’. It’s so cool to have a strong group of friends that has your best interest, but it’s so important to trust your gut ‘cos you should be doing ‘this’ (whatever it is) for yourself.

So, here we are today. 2 years later, my blog still doesn’t have millions of visitors knocking on my door every day, but it has hundreds. My YouTube channel is small, but it’s slowly growing. (I genuinely get so excited when I see 1 subscriber coming through ‘cos it means 1 person thought my content was worth watching/reading!)

Haha sorry this is way longer than I thought! Feel free to share (ditch) anything girl! I’ll be keen to know how others answered this question.


Written by Allie Harrison

Well in all honesty I took a year off from school due to mental health issues to figure out what I truly wanted for my life. It was a huge step to leave an Ivy League institution- along with the security of my parents financial backing - and move out on my own. I ended up living in this trailer all alone in the back of campus, didn’t have a car didn’t have a secured job per say either. At that time, went on a serious freelance job/internship hunt. But I also didn’t have wifi in my little camper so I needed to find something that would at least cover my expenses. So then I stumbled upon an open position at the local coffee/bagel shop right off of campus. They started at $12/hour plus tips which means I could actually move into collegetown. So after I left my camper - in a rather dramatic turn of events - I moved into a sublet right across from work (after saving for two weeks too I could afford this place, INSANITY) and moved up to full time. And it was in this corner coffee/bagel/sandwich shop that I found my love of food and working in a restaurant. It was the every day struggle of learning how to deal with coworkers bullshit, interacting with my classmates and seeing how they treat people in the service industry (and since then i always tip and respect servers), the grit of cleaning every and anything at all moments of the day. It was the art of having to learn the entire menu, the beauty of making the perfect sandwich, the love I cultivated for my restaurant family. It was everything. And from the time I started there until it’s been almost four years since I left my job there, my passion has remained around food and sharing my love of food with others. It was an organic find really. But when I was working in B2B technology sales, I hated everything about it and the people I worked with. I was really good at selling things, still am, but I hated not being able to do what I love every day. So I took another risk about a year and some change ago and left my salaried job, started building up my marketing portfolio again, moved in with my parents to save money. And I searched for restaurant marketing jobs every, single day. I would walk into fancy establishments asking them “are you hiring a marketing person?” and the answer was always no. I even jumped back into tech sales to cover expenses of job hunting. Because you have to sometimes sacrifice in order to find what you love and pursue what you love. And you can never, ever give up. But in a lucky stroke of fate, one of my old coworkers from aforementioned tech sales gig forwarded me an email from a local quick service restaurant brand hiring a marketing director. And from the day I was hired on, it’s been an extreme rollercoaster but every day that I go into work and am doing what I love - helping others find their passion for food and trying something new whether that be through experiential marketing tactics or email newsletters- it’s all worth it in the end. 


Written by Westley Baer

As humans sometimes we confuse the word passion with purpose. They both are pretty similar but have two separate meanings. A little bit about me is I'm currently a logistics broker in Alpharetta GA, I enjoy working out, traveling, hanging out with friends and most of all cooking.... oh and yes I forgot SPORTS. At a young age my passion was to work in sports, if it be sales, marketing or as a team employee. I was able to live through my passion out of college but than soon realized I wasn't living my purpose through that passion. We all have a purpose right? What if I told you our purpose in life was already created through God and that's the journey that becomes exciting. Finding that purpose. I will be honest I still am not fully living our my purpose just yet but I tell you one thing.... I know what it is! 

MY purpose in life is to seve and help others through fitness and motivational speaking. Two areas of my life I focus most of my time on but also ones I enjoy. Figuring that out was the hard part but I tell everyone I know that's the process you will value the most. 

For me that journey has hit more milestones most recently. I am creating a podcast within the next few weeks that I plan to interview fitness professionals on how the journey through fitness changed their lives. I also found a mentor that will help guide me not only with connections but more than anything an accountability partner. 

I leave you with this. “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”   ―  Ralph Waldo Emerson


Written by Brenda Tobia

I knew the moment I noticed the amount helping hands being extended to my family when we came to America as refugees. Strangers were eager to help us get settled into a home, furnish every room, and install appliances. They did all of these things without knowing who we were or where we came from. It was then that I realized I have the same passion. The passion to help people during the most difficult times in their lives. 

My interest in mental health began when my father was clinically diagnosed with anxiety and depression. We were all adjusting to our new home but there were bigger, more important adjustments that my family and I had to make. These adjustments were solely to help my dad during the most difficult time in his life. It was during this time that my passion for advocating for people with mental illness began. There would be moments that I would want to give up because of how exhausting it became to psychoanalyze every move my father made, but I refused to give up on the most important man in my life. He began seeking therapeutic services from mental health professionals and 13 years later, is still working on creating a better version of himself. 

The hard work and consistency my dad showed, as he refused to allow mental illness to consume him, only intrigued my interest in mental health even more. I knew the best way to increase my knowledge in the field of mental health was to surround my studies around it. I began with taking a Psychology course in high school and left that class eager to learn more. I then decided to major in Psychology during undergrad and later got accepted to the Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling master's program. The journey has been less than easy but I have loved every moment of it. I walk across the stage to receive my diploma in December 2019, officially becoming a licensed counselor. My dad is the reason I chose this path, the reason I fell in love with this field, and the reason I get to practice my passion every day for the rest of my life. 


Written by Miranda Crace

I've always enjoyed bringing people together. Whether that was for a party or just to hang out. I love people and I love creating a space where we can be together. I also love the aesthetics of that space. 

I had wanted to start an event planning company for a few years, I even talked to one of my friends about it. I had a full-time corporate job and my friend asked me the very honest question, "Did I even have the time to start a business?" At the time, I didn't know. The conversations kind of faded, but the idea never really went away. 

A few months later, one of the pastors at my church was preaching about your passions and your calling. She said something that really struck a cord with me -- If you're passionate about something, it's there for a reason. For me, it was this moment of realization that I was intentionally created with these interests and passions -- I should use them. I didn't want to wonder, "What if I started that company? What would have happened?" I wanted to do it. I wanted to know. 

So I did. 

That next week, I reached out to a local event planning company I admired and asked if they were looking for interns, turns out they were. I worked with them for a summer and realized I actually really did love event planning. 

A few months after that internship, I launched Spoke Events. I've seen a lot of success for being such a new business and have met some amazing local vendors who have become dear friends and worked with some incredible couples. I didn't grow up thinking I'd own my own business or even that I'd be an event planner. I studied film and journalism and public relations. I thought I would tell people's stories, and in a way, I do still in my corporate blogging job (which I still have and thoroughly enjoy). But even more impactful and motivating to me, is getting to be a part of people's story. 

With Spoke Events, I get to walk through some of the most exciting (and often times stressful) seasons in people's lives. I get to laugh with my clients and sometimes cry with them. I work as hard as I can so my clients can be fully present for significant moments in their lives, like their wedding day. I get the opportunity to create a space for them to make memories with the people they hold dear, memories they will carry with them forever. 

Getting to do something I love and am passionate about is amazing, but the more I do it, the more I'm reminded that the call on my life is not just to be an entrepreneur. It's not just to be an event planner or a corporate blogger. Those are things I get to do right now - but those things might change in the future. My passions and my business might evolve as I grow but I think the true call on my life will remain. 

I believe that I am called to know God, to love him and to know people, to love them.

That is unwavering, and my ability to live out my passions comes from that. 

There's a beautiful freedom in that. It's a freedom that recognizes that living out my passions and talents is amazing and it's fulfilling, but my heart and my life are constantly being molded and transformed. It's a peace in knowing that as long as I'm operating in that larger calling I don't have to be afraid. I feel like I have the freedom to take risks, to start businesses, to add new branches to my business and new focuses. It takes the pressure off in a way, because I love what I do, but I don't feel like I'm defined by what I do. I'm just grateful that I get to do it :)  


Written by Molly Johnson

I took my time in answering to really think about my answer and I believe that the biggest game changer for me was when I learned to only do things once I owned the state I was in when I did them. That means the annoying things at work, or at home, I make sure that I am grateful to do said task or am motivated by what I will get out of doing the task.

When I don’t feel like doing something or am stressed, frustrated, angry or bored by the task I then either move my body, think about what I will gain from this experience. That has helped me to realize that I love my job. I am a creative director for online programs that break and build habits. And the number one habit that we tend to not think about is the little complaining about everything. Taking a moment to be grateful and appreciative of each task that comes your way helps you to know where you want to spend time.

When you are not feeling it, find away to get in state and get appreciative. I hope that gives you some insight into how I found my passions. It was from quieting my internal critic and finding gratitude. If you are not finding ways to be grateful then life leaves clues. Look at time times and places that you feel best about you. Despite if anyone else notices. That is the best way to fulfillment!


Written by Justin Hill

To answer your question about passion and path... It has taken me two weeks to write this email.  Admittedly, when I started the first draft, things weren't so great with one of my three startups I'm working with.  And as of yesterday, I got a message from one of the founders saying that they're quitting.  And, in an undefined time frame, it won't be in existence anymore.  I'm going to post on Medium about my experiences once that story is complete.

But, when I originally replied to your story, I was thinking about the "do good for yourself AND for others" mantra that I've been following for a while.  For me it kind of boils down to a sense of spirituality as to why I do what I do.  Show others compassion and you will make yourself happy.  While this is true and a source of my happiness, it's also a source of stress, frustration, and time suck.  I could be off making good money in a 9-5, climbing a corporate ladder, and experiencing a lot of success by other people's scales.  Instead, I've spent close to 2000 hours working (for sweat equity - no salary taken) on a project that helped people's lives.  Even though the team is falling apart, it was still worth it.  Because to me, it's a travesty if you don't make an attempt to use your skills to make this world a better place.

I know that I'm following my passion and my path because I never once have asked "what if" as for as a road I could have taken.  While it's sad to see something I've worked so hard for just disappear, it's also important to keep in mind the intent of the project and that other opportunities will prevail.  It's this path that I've chosen that has already given me incredible experiences and there will undoubtedly be new ones both near and far.


Written by Anna McDevitt

You asked about actionable steps to live a life where I'm following my passion. Here are my thoughts:

1. I have to constantly remind myself that living my passion does NOT mean I am living a life that is conflict-free or that I love every second of it. Passion includes the light parts and the dark parts... it's the willingness to work through those dark places that (eventually) reveals the light. It is a conscious, intentional action to give myself this reminder!

2. Living a life geared toward passion can be lonely. Self-doubt creeps in. The biggest tool I use (and forget to use more often than I like to admit) is to reach out to friends and family who see you for who are and love that person. They will remind you why your passion matters. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

3. Non-attachment. Becoming a yoga teacher has helped me chase my career passion more fully because of this guiding principle. Chasing a calling never really looks exactly like you think it will... the times I have been more willing to let go of what I thought the future would look like are the times when I feel most rewarded by life.

4. Money fucking matters. I spent a lot of time trying to prove to myself money didn't matter if I had passion. Let's be real: everything is easier with money and it does make the world go 'round. When I started looking at money as a tool instead of as a status symbol, it made it easier to talk about it and ask for it. It's what we choose to do with that money that defines us.

Hope you are doing great and I love keeping up with your travels. I'll let you know the next time I'm in Michigan!