• Klaudia Jakubiak

Best places to EAT in London

London. Reminds me of NYC in a way. Crowded metros, busy streets and of course, many options for restaurants. There are SO many new restaurants in London that it's hard to keep up, however, here are a few of the best places to eat London:

SKETCH: It's hard to eat your food when it looks like a piece of art, however, that is exactly what Sketch prides itself on. Sketch has been on my list of places to eat since forever and I'm happy I finally had the opportunity to experience it. It's almost like an art exhibit mixed with a restaurant. There are different rooms and each one conveys a unique atmosphere (even the bathroom is an experience in itself). You must go here for either brunch or dinner - don't skip out on your afternoon tea.

BALANS SOHO SOCIETY: I love their motto "Too much of a good thing, is a good thing" basically like their entire menu. Their brunch + lunch menu was mouthwatering, to say the least. Let me say, I tried many items on their menu and was not disappointed. Even their chamomile + strawberry mocktail had me craving for more. I experienced Balans at their newest location in Victoria and it was the perfect spot - amazing decor, wonderful service and delicious menu. They have other locations as well (one that is actually open 24hrs). But this Victoria location has an amazing promotion going with 50% off breakfast + lunch DAILY so I totally encourage you try it out PLUS 50% off ALL drinks from 4-6pm daily (#sponsored). Add Balans to your London list!

Craft London: How beautiful are these dishes? I mean, seriously. I was so impressed by the eclectic use of ingredients for every one of the dishes I tried. They were cooked with love and perfection and now I am just wishing I could teleport myself back to Craft. They definitely curate an experience for you: from the drinks at the bar, to the dining experience itself, you will enjoy every moment. The staff is very knowledgable about the dishes as well as where each ingredient is sourced (even the drinks). I highly recommend this place for anyone who is looking for a superb experience (your taste buds will thank me)!


Wulf & Lamb: I bet these photos will turn anyone into vegan and if not, just try a bite of anything at Wulf and Lamb. These hearty burgers will have you craving for more plant-based entrees. Not only are there many health benefits, they actually taste delicious. I totally scraped the plate of the 'mac and cheese', it was like the real stuff - only better. Oh and the dessert? HOLY MOLY, the mango passionfruit cheesecake was heaven, I'm actually drooling just thinking about it. Overall, whether you're a vegan or not - Wulf & Lamb needs to be on your list.


Bokan: After you've indulged in the aforementioned restaurants, head to Bokan for the best drinks with a view. You can experience the best views of the city, both day and night. The cocktails are crafted to perfection and you will want to continue sipping just to enjoy the views. And the bathrooms? Hands down the most beautiful place to take a tinkle. I could live there. Bokan will make you want to stay a while :)

There you have it: some of the tastiest restaurants in London! If you have any questions on any of the menus or selections, as always, feel free to reach out.